Dominant R&D Position

Meter Measurement Technology : Mobile/ Automotive/ Consumer


Time of Flight (ToF) SoC (Multi Pixels/ Mega Pixels/ 3D Hybrid Bonding) ToF for Proximity Applications Ultrasonic Driver for Meter Gauge (Multi Input One SoC/ Direct Drive)


R&D costs of billions of won per item have been invested and are under development.
Gain technological differentiation across devices/circuit/systems and S/W through active co-development with government-funded research institutes and partner companies.
Develop mass-production level R&D prototypes based on many mass-production experiences.
Need a development roadmap through close cooperation, maintain relationships with customers and find new customers. (Job Opportunity)
Invest Opportunity to constantly respond to continuous growth markets.
  • CPA011M
  • CSC210
  • microphone
  • CMC110BD
  • CMC110
  • CAC610
  • codec
  • TCAC910C
  • AudioAMP
  • AudioAMPbd
  • CMC110_mem
  • donor
  • MPPT_cont
  • pico_proj
  • TCAC910