It is carrying out mass production and supply of semiconductors with many domestic and foreign companies and has abundant know-how and experience in mass production.

Our Role Customer Products Foundry Feature
IP Provider Company-I AFE(Analog Front End) for PLC TSMC 0.13um 12bit ADC/12bit DAC/Driver/Filter/PGA/PLL/etc
IP Provider Company-T Object Detection for Car Camera ISP Samsung 28nm 60fps streaming CNN accelerator (no internal memory)
Customer ASIC Company-A AFE for GMR/TETRA Communication TSMC 0.18um 16bit ADC/16bit DAC/12bit ADC/12bit DAC/SW Filter/etc
Customer ASIC Company-L MEMS Scan Mirror Driver IC TowerJazz 0.18um PLL/14bit ADC/12bit DAC/Class-D Driver/Sensing Block/etc
Customer ASIC Company-L Stylus Pen Signal Processing ASIC Silterra 0.11um
Sensor ASIC Company-S MEMS Microphone ASIC TowerJazz 0.18um Low Noise Amp/Low Noise LDO/Charge Pump
Glucose Measuring/ TPMS AFE/ Laser Diode Tx/Rx AFE/ Multi Input Sensor SoC/ etc…